Beginning Intercessor

In this level you should already be covering many things from ‘Self & Family’ and ‘Expended Circle’ levels, and include the suggestions below:

1. Pray for your church needs.

2. Pray for your employer or the company your family members work for: ask the Lord to bless them, give ability to run it well, their integrity, etc. When our companies are flourishing, our quality of life is too. For strong companies and businesses make strong economy in our cities. They provide jobs for us and keep people employed and thus contribute to everyone’s quality of life around us.

3. Pray for your local government and people in the leadership, including your police department. Their integrity and what they do will unavoidably going to effect you and your city where you live.

4. Adopt in your prayers a local and/or distant Christian and/or non-Christian organization(s), which contribute to wellbeing of people. (Consider to contribute financially and perhaps your time, too.)

5. Pray for and bless your street and neighborhood. Your prayers will enable the Lord to make tremendous work right in front of your nose. You know your neighbors and their needs. You know your street’s needs. God has planted you there for a reason.

6. Pray for your country’s leadership, for the laws they pass can make or break the country where you live, thus improve or diminish your quality of life.

7. Include the petitions from this blog under ‘Prayers’ tab, or join another prayer organization of your choice.

Note: Do not feel overwhelmed by the list. Do at the pace you are comfortable with.

Tips: At this level, keeping a written prayer journal with written petitions simply unavoidable. Categorizing a doable plan is going to make your praying work a success. Consider breaking petitions into daily tasks through a week. I like to use a binder to keep myself organized. There are things I pray for everyday, some petitions only certain days, and other prayer requests three times a day.


To unite women around the world in intercessory prayer.