City Intercessor

In this level you should already be covering many things from ‘Self & Family,’ ‘Expended Circle’ and ‘Beginning Intercessor.’ These levels gave you enough insight and experience in intercessory work. You might feel that God is calling you for more.  Interceding for many needs of your city or town, perhaps even your nation may be your next step or level.

At this level you must have a team. Adding a partner can allow you to start those petitions. Pray for God to increase your numbers. Here, you must depend on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God will equip you and teach you in this area Himself. Be prepared to fast, for interceding always leads to fast.

City intercessory is full time job and should be taken seriously. The joy and rewards are huge and so is the opposition.  

What to pray for: Local government, leadership, neighborhoods, weather, peace, guidance, stores, safety, churches, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, salvation of souls, etc.

Note: Never underestimate the power of two. The team of two with persistence, well planned and organized petitions and patience, can do wonders for any town and even country.

Tip: Check the ‘Tools’ tab of this blog.

God bless you!

To unite women around the world in intercessory prayer.