Expended Circle


  1. Pray for your pastor, his family and their needs.
  2. Pray for your church members, their families and their needs.
  3. Add to your praying list other people (they are usually the ones you interact with often, or God brings them to your mind often enough to notice, or you feel special burden given by the Lord about certain people.) These people can be your neighbors, coworkers, teachers, sales clerks (that you often see and becoming almost like friends), etc.
  4. Pray for a missionary that you know, or an evangelist.

Tip: Feel free to include as many people as God puts on your heart. Do not feel like you need to include many people, nor be afraid to have a big list. Take a load that you comfortable with. You have freedom to increase or decrease your list depending on how you feel.

Note: The above list of suggestions for your prayer is a job of an intercessor. God will be pleased even with little. He can use these two fish and five loads of bread from your hands to do miracles beyond imagination.

To unite women around the world in intercessory prayer.