Full Scope Intercessor

In this level you should already be covering many things from ‘Self & Family,’ ‘Expended Circle,’ ‘Beginning Intercessor’ and possibly ‘City Intercessor.’ These levels gave you enough insight and experience in intercessory work.

This level is truly a level where people have ability or following the one who has ability to hear God’s voice on the things to pray for. These are the people who completely devoted their lives to prayer. They cover many areas, fast and pray. They are often guided by God through dreams, visions, gift of prophecy, discernment and unique interpretation of the Word of God. These individuals are nothing short of prophets (though, they never feel so.) But the kind of work God is doing through them is nothing short of prophetic anointing. They see things that others do not see, and understand things that others do not. They feel and know the heart of God.

Note: Those individuals usually have a prayer team or a praying partner. These individuals are perfect candidates to lead intercessory prayers for cities, countries, and breaking many stubborn strongholds.

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I am inspired by you! Please, be persistent and don’t give up! May God bless you and help you!

To unite women around the world in intercessory prayer.