United Prayers for a Cause

These are prayers (with slight modification) from the book “She Shall Crush the Head”:

  • Prayer for support of women who work in mission fields: Monday or daily. ‘Lord, be the wall of fire around women missionaries (can include men, and/or specific names, too) around the world, may You be glorified in their midst and through their work. Help them to proclaim Your truth with boldness and perseverance. Give them strength to continue their endeavor, support them in their spiritual and physical needs. Deliver them from unreasonable and wicked people. Lord, please deliver them from every evil work, and preserve unto Your heavenly kingdom. To You be glory for ever and ever. Amen.’
  • Prayer for the persecuted church: Tuesdays or daily. ‘Lord, for the sake of Your Son, be the wall of fire around all persecuted Christians around the world, especially in Muslim believing countries and North Korea, and be glorified in their midst. Help them to be strong, patient and faithful. Please help them to endure to the end and overcome in order to be saved and eat from the tree of life. Show them mercy and Your divine protection and intervention. Ease their suffering and give them endurance. Have mercy on their children and their souls, and be the wall of fire around their children. Let their persecutors come to repentance, for Savior desires all men to be saved. May this persecution ignite the spread of the Gospel and add more souls to Your kingdom. Amen.’
  • Prayer for those who have been caught in human trafficking and are being used in sex trade: Wednesday or daily. ‘Lord God, in the name of Jesus, we pray for all those women and children who are being human trafficked and in sex slavery, please deliver them, help them, heal them and save their souls from eternal condemnation. For You deliver the needy when they cry, the poor also, and those who have no helper. You spare the poor and needy, and save the souls of the needy. You redeem their life from oppression and violence. Amen.
  • Prayer for our men: Thursday or daily. ‘Lord God, in the name of Jesus, please rise up our sons, husbands, brothers, and uncles to be the mighty men of God. Give us Daniels, Peters, Pauls, Jameses, Johns, and Barnabuses. May they proclaim Your truth with boldness and power. Amen.’
  • Prayer for your town and prayer warriors: Friday or daily. Lord, in the name of Jesus, please raise up people who can be prayer warriors and pray for the benefit and salvation of many. Thank you for all the residents, rulers, and people in authority, including police of (town, county, city, state). Please, bless them and give them ability and wisdom to pass the laws and govern, so we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Lord of the harvest, please send out laborers into Your Harvest. Amen.’
  • Sample prayer in time of a disaster: Saturday or daily.  ‘Lord, please be the wall of fire all around Christians in Nepal, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and other areas of unrest. Protect them from any harm and human trafficking. May your kingdom advance and the earthquake in Nepal and tension of the Middle East and Ukraine be the vehicles for saving a multitude of souls. May doors in Nepal and other areas of unrest be open to receive the true Gospel. Lord of the harvest, please send out laborers into Your harvest in those regions.  Amen.’ (Please, feel free to add other disasters around the world or in your area as a need arise.)
  • Prayer for widows and orphans: Sunday or daily.  ‘Lord, You are a father of the fatherless and a defender of widows, therefore please give help from trouble to all the widows and orphans around the world, especially in Africa and India. Send out laborers to meet their physical needs of water, food, shelter, safety, medicine, and most importantly Good News of Your salvation. Amen’


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To unite women around the world in intercessory prayer.