By the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the request of my friends and acquaintances, I opened this blog. This blog is designed to support and encourage women in their service to God, Jesus Christ.

Being a woman is not easy, but her position cannot be replaced. A woman who is a real Christian is useful to God not only in the kitchen and in the laundry. Such a woman brings up children into strong people of God, supports her husband in whatever low state he could fall, and overcomes many strongholds on her knees. If a woman is wise, then she will be able to see her destiny in the church, in her locality and wherever the Lord leads her. No wonder, it is written: “The Lord gave the command: a great company of women brought the good news: “The kings of the armies flee – they flee!” She who stays at home divides the spoil.” (Psalm 68:11–12. HCSB)

The name World Esther comes from calling women to prayer. The Biblical Esther has changed the history of her nation. History belongs to the petitioners. I hope in your life there is such a woman who changes your environment in a positive way. I hope you are that woman yourself. My desire is to encourage women to stand in the gap for themselves, their families, relatives, friends, neighbors, churches, cities and countries. We live in the last days. Let us have a great harvest for the Lord, each in her own house kneeling and in holy living. Let us remember God’s calling to build up, lift up and serve people around us. May we never compete in a way it destroys, diminishes and limits others to the best they can be. The Kingdom of God grows when we respect and acknowledge each others strengths and consider our limitations.

Regardless of whether a woman works outside the home or not, no one will fulfill her duties for her. Therefore, may the Lord help every woman find herself in the Lord and bring forth to Him the fragrance and fruit of her labor.

At the end of the blog, at the very bottom, you can choose a category that interests you. There you can also find a window on Facebook. You do not need to be on Facebook to see and use the material that I post there. I also do not advise you to subscribe there if you do not need to.

Natalya Vazemiller is the author of the book She Divides the Spoil, which has already been translated into Russian and in the editing process. Be blessed and remember that you will succeed with the Lord, He loves you very much and He really needs you!

Natalya Vazemiller

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To unite women around the world in intercessory prayer.

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