Natalya Vazemiller lives in the southern part of the USA with her ‘Mr. Right’ husband, two sons who are perfect in her eyes, an outdoor dog, an indoor cat, three caged parakeets, a dozen of chickens and wonderful neighbors. She is passionate for Christ, people and people’s souls. She is involved in daily intercessory prayer and Bible study. She wrote She Divides the Spoil (book) to share the things the Lord has revealed to her, which He expects from Christian women in the last crucial days before Christ returns.

Natalya majored in Pastoral Ministries at Emmanuel College, Franklin Springs, GA. She is a human/sex trafficking activist and specializes in intercessory prayer. For speaking engagements and fundraising opportunities contact her through the Contact tab. 

She Divides the Spoil



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To unite women around the world in intercessory prayer.

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