Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, America witnessed a total solar eclipse. It went from one coast of United States to the other, its path dividing the country in half. It started in Oregon, the thirty-third state, and ended in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, on the thirty-third parallel. Jesus lived on earth for thirty-three years. The eclipse happened a month prior to the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah or the Feast of Trumpets), which is on September 21. Also, it is exactly thirty-three days prior to the great Revelation 12 sign occurrence and right after the last day of the Lord’s Feast of Trumpets. The Feast of Trumpets symbolizes trumpeting, a warning of the approaching of the Lord’s Day. The eclipse happened at the end of the Jewish year 5,777. God is trying to point out the importance of this solar eclipse, as it is not a regular eclipse but His way of communicating something of importance. I believe this solar eclipse is pointing to the Revelation 12 sign and is God’s way of showing us His timing and the beginning of the fall harvest and completion of His last three feasts.

This eclipse, on August 21, 2017, also warns us of the approaching darkness and gloom (Joel 2:1–10) that will cover the earth, where women will be called by the Lord to fight the last fight (Joel 2:11). From now on, calamities will not cease but only intensify. Later in this book, I will discuss the role of women in these last days.

The moons, the great signs of the woman and the dragon, the falling away, the six blown trumpets, the name of the current American president, and many natural disasters, calamities and loss of peace (Joel 2:1–10, Matt. 24) signal us to put aside earthly matters and start paying closer attention to our inner readiness and the Bible: “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth” (Col. 3:2, KJV). We should be awakened out of our slumber and check our readiness. The Rapture and the final chapters of the book of Revelation are imminent and will take place at any moment!

CONCLUSION: We live literally minutes away from the grand finale of the Lord’s second coming. Soon we are going to experience the climax of the Lord’s last three fall feasts. The great sign of Revelation 12 signals the last warning. Are we ready to face the approaching perfect storm of the apocalypse? Jesus said that, at an hour we least expect, the Son of Man will come (Matt. 24:44). Women are given a special assignment by God in those days, and He counts on their performance to complete the harvest and prepare Him the way!

(You see a reference to women, because the book was written to women.)

She Divides the Spoil by Natalya Vazemiller.

Copyright © 2018 Natalya Vazemiller

Please share for glory of our Savior.  Thank you! God bless you!



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