Four Dreams About Rapture

During the election week of 2016, I had three dreams. They were separated by a night apart all in the week of election:

Dream 1: I have seen a prepared table for the Lord’s wedding with His Bride. Jesus was thrilled in the anticipation of the coming long awaiting wedding supper. He was waiting on His Father’s final word to gather His Bride. It seemed there was a second (or even less) left before the final call. The table, food, and chairs were very magnificent and breathtaking. Unfortunately, at the moment of my awakening, all the details of the wedding galore were removed from me.

Dream 2: I dreamed that during President Trump’s presidency, a rich man chose a bride. The bride was a poor and insignificant servant of the rich man. People were displeased with his choice and mocked him for his lack of taste. I saw how girls, who were dressing up the servant for the wedding were shocked at the sight and the beauty of the dressed and prepared bride. They ran to take off their modern rags which were ripped tight jeans and t-shirts ripped at shoulders. They realized they were not suitable for the wedding guest selection. Unfortunately, it was too late for them. Also, in the dream the windows of the White House had holes as of the bullets. Outside of the White House seem to be disorder, not as I knew USA to be like.

Dream 3: In this dream, I was standing in front of the President Trump with three thick and heavy books with red hard covers which were given to me by God. I gave these books to the President and told him to read them carefully because they have instructions for the course of his presidency. The books had eagles and writing “Federal” something.
Three books means three measures of time. Red color of the books means “caution” or pay attention.

My interpretation of the dreams: Sometimes after three years of President Trump’s time in the White House we may have rapture. God will be preparing the bride during the time of Mr. Trump’s presidency.

Dream 4: In September of 2019, I dreamed of graduation 2020. In the dream, I witnessed the state of the people. Some were ready for graduation. Others were not sure of what to make of it. While some were skeptics. In the dream, regardless of their opinion everyone was talking of the graduation because it was effecting everyone.

These four dreams make me believe that we are on the brink of the Rapture. It may happen this year or any year thereafter. Are you ready?

Please share with others. Thank you.

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